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Domestic Appliances

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Fridge or Freezer

If your fridge or freezer at home has packed up and your going to throw it out, make sure you get the gas removed before you take it to the recycling yard to ensure that it is safe for the environment.   Our service for these appliances is available to home, business or recycling yards.  Give RRS a call to de-gas your fridge or freezer.

That split system or air conditioner stopped working?  Have you been quoted high prices to remove the gas?  Give RRS a call and we will de-gas your system, tag it and it will be ready for removal, repair or installation of a new unit.  Don't pay the high prices quoted for the de-gassing of your system. 




We have a great service for panel shops where we will de-gas your damaged vehicles allowing you to carry out the repairs required and once repaired we will return and charge the air conditioning system with a range of refrigerants including R134a, Premium SP34E+ and Hydrocarbons.  A complete service at competative rates. 

Recovery of refrigerants from damaged vehicles is a requirement by the government.  A licence is required to store or dispose of refrigerant gases, even those stored in automotive air conditiong systems.  To ensure you meet the requirements of the current legislation, and to ensure you are not fined contact us to find out what services we can offer to you or your business.

Equipment Hire

Recovery Equipment

Recovery Cylinders

RRS can offer a cylinder service for your recovery needs.  Cylinders are available for your recovered refrigerants and these can be swapped over for an empty cylinder when filled or on a regular basis.  You will receive the reclaim credit for the quantity of refrigerant recovered.  Call RRS to find out more about this program.

Do you have a Refrigerant Handling Licence but not equipment to use?  Call RRS to see if we have a package available for you to hire.  We have a range of equipment available for hire for your recovery needs. Equipment is available for short or long term hire.

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